Chinese bird flu continues to spread By Helen Albert.

There is normally little proof human-to-human transmitting, although this might have happened in four small clusters comprising nine people altogether. O’Leary informed the press: ‘Evidence shows that poultry is a car of transmitting. But epidemiologists haven’t yet had the opportunity to establish a strong and clear link. Yet, in any case this might not be from eating correctly cooked poultry, which is considered fully safe for consumption.’ Notably, O’Leary described that although more than 80,000 birds have already been tested so far, fewer than 40 have been found positive for H7N9 and these demonstrated no indications of illness. Certified from medwireNews with permission from Springer Healthcare Ltd.This exciting combination may be the result of a wide and thorough review of our strategic choices. On behalf of the Omnicare group, I'd prefer to thank our 13,000 employees whose hard commitment and work has enabled Omnicare to become recognized leader in pharmacy services. Given the aging U.S. Population, long term care is a rise segment of medical care system. More people are expected to use assisted living services and independent living communities in the coming decades, creating a substantial growth chance of those companies serving medical treatment needs of seniors. In entering this brand-new customer distribution channel, CVS Wellness shall deliver meaningful benefits to consumers, patients, caregivers, and payors by giving highly coordinated medical pharmacy care across multiple treatment settings from retail to lengthy term care.