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The teens were interviewed on the telephone twice, once in 2008 and another 2010. Queries revolved around if the subjects were abused, they types of misuse they through were heading, their environment and if they ever experienced like committing suicide. Though none of the survey responders committed suicide during the study, about 1 in 23 teens reported they wished to eliminate themselves at least once. CBS Evening News The Bullying Epidemic A slew of teenage suicides across the nation has thrown the problem of bullying, and the duties of educators and parents, into the nation.Su notes that %ages of kids experiencing ACEs are equivalent whether searching across Georgia, the nation, or the world. His study participants weren’t asked how or how long their bad experiences occurred often, just whether they had a number of from the various categories.. Caribbean coalition in women, women pledges to address HIV, gender-based violence The Caribbean Coalition on Women, Ladies and AIDS on Thursday pledged to handle all areas of female vulnerability to HIV – – including violence against women – – and cited growing concerns that current HIV/AIDS strategies are not adequately addressing their needs, Inter Press Services reports.