Certeon expands international distribution features with CDG partnership Certeon.

Certeon expands international distribution features with CDG partnership Certeon, the leading service provider of virtualized software-based WAN software and optimization acceleration, announced it has signed a distribution contract with CDG today, a major distributor of leading-edge information technology in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. CDG specializes in the most innovative technologies for the WAN cloud and acceleration computing markets read all . ACelera virtual devices are hypervisor agnostic and so are supported on both Microsoft and VMware Hyper-V virtual os’s. ‘As a software-centered WAN acceleration option, Certeon’s products supply the versatility and agility that clients need as their networks evolve,’ stated Oren Taylor, director at CDG.

Certain microparticles help terminate inflammation Scientists in Barts and The London School of Dentistry and Medicine and Harvard Medical School, Boston have got found a means of mimicking the body’s natural system of fighting inflammation. During inflammation cells release very small particles termed ‘microparticles’ that maintain features of their mother or father cell. The scientists found that certain microparticles were beneficial to health, and that these microparticles included anti-inflammatory lipids, which help terminate inflammation and return the physical body to its normal balance.