Including panels created for oncology.

The company also announced the commercial availability of application-focused panels for the complete assays, including panels created for oncology, induced pluripotent stem immunology and cells . The company highlighted an early access program for an individual cell version of the Precise product, which allows customers to start with single cells and acquire direct molecular counts of RNA transcripts. As an early on access customer we centered on validating the technology as an upgrade over our current qPCR procedure. Over the last couple of months an increase have been shipped by the assays in throughput, sensitivity and accuracy while reducing our overall running costs, said Dan Shoemaker, Ph.D., CSO of Fate Therapeutics, one of the early access clients for the Precise assays.

To ensure the accuracy of IDR data, HP will: Provide quality evaluation of data loaded into the IDR. Maintain the existing production IDR data source environment so it runs at expected performance and availability levels. Provide CMS with recommendations and help with maintaining and improving data quality services. Create automated processes to make sure that all data feeds used to populate the IDR, aswell concerning support the NLR, are loaded and promptly accurately. Adhere to CMS database standards while establishing and performing database recovery and backup methods. Merge physical data versions from separate repositories into a single, integrated data model.S. Public Sector, HP Business Services.