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While golf is a wonderful sport and a healthy way for many visitors to enjoy some sunshine and oxygen, the presence of massive green lawns in the center of near-desert regions should trigger any thinking person to request, ‘What’s incorrect with this picture?’ I really do understand that golf courses practice drought conservation techniques, and they are attempting to use less drinking water. But from an environmental perspective, they shouldn’t have ever been built in many of these regions in the first place. Their very existence can be a glaring declaration that ‘human beings are idiots’ when it comes to thinking lengthy term. California farmers are pumping away their drinking water futureThe extreme drought occurring right now is also forcing California ranchers to accelerate their siphoning of water from underground aquifers, reducing the amount of water remaining in all those aquifers sharply.Researchers will explore the use and performance of statewide prescription monitoring applications in reducing the amount of accidental overdose deaths including prescription opioids like OxyContin and Vicodin in both Rhode Island and Connecticut. The grant is one of only two tasks awarded nationally this season by CDC for unintentional poisoning research. The study will also involve an instant assessment and response project, a community-driven procedure that gathers details and locally-relevant recommendations to address a pressing health problem. The projects will focus on two communities – one in Rhode Island and one in Connecticut – that have been identified as more hard-hit by prescription opioid misuse and overdose deaths.