Cells from human blood can morph into stem cells In a recent study.

Our findings provide the first evidence that cells from human bloodstream can morph into stem cells, said senior research author George Q. Daley, MD, PhD, an investigator for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Children’s Medical center, Boston. Making pluripotent stem cells from bloodstream, which is one of the easiest tissues to acquire, provides an easy strategy for generating patient-particular stem cells that are valuable research tools and could one day be utilized to treat numerous diseases. To generate induced pluripotent stem cells , blood was collected from a 26-year-old male donor. From the blood sample, the experts isolated CD34+ cells, a type of stem cell that produces only blood cells, and cultured them in growth factors for six days to improve their number.Dr. Lindsey chosen Pure Health’s Black Raspberry supplement because every 300 milligram vegetarian capsule consists of only fresh freeze dried Black Raspberry with nothing at all else added and delivers the nutritional equivalent of four large cups of fresh Black Raspberries picked direct from the farm! In his recent segment on national TV, Dr. Lindsey unveiled the amazing benefits of black raspberries as having antioxidant levels that far surpass almost every other berries, which is why they are usually incredible for supporting malignancy prevention, cardio wellness, premature aging and human brain health.