CDC chief admits he must have done more to contain initial U.

Even so, the government’s response, no matter who was in charge, was typical: FEMA did not perform any better following Superstorm Sandy in 2013. The reason? Bureaucracy is bureaucracy, no matter who is sitting in the White House. The just difference is the kind of press you obtain. The lesson here, nevertheless, is definitely plain: The federal government bureaucracy is simply incapable of rapid intervention in any crisis – – save for the National Safeguard and U.S. Armed service – – because it is simply too large and unwieldy to operate efficiently. ‘I wish we’d put a group on the floor sooner’ And that is why Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chief Dr. Thomas Frieden will keep changing his story regarding the burgeoning Ebola outbreak in Texas: Because neither he nor his agency a) were ready to cope with it; or b) possess any idea what to do next.Chau Dang, MD, a medical oncologist on the Breast Malignancy Medicine Program at MSKCC, led the study, and Clifford Hudis, MD, Chief of the Breast Cancer Medicine Support at MSKCC, is the paper’s senior writer. The analysis will be released in the March 10, 2008, problem of the Journal of Clinical Oncology and was backed by grants from Genentech and Amgen.

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