Concludes a meta-analysis published on the web by The Lancet.

In laboratory experiments, two lines of liver tumor cells and one pancreatic malignancy cell series were destroyed after becoming incubated with nanotubes and exposed to the radio regularity field. Curley says radio regularity energy fields have the ability to penetrate deep into tissue, so that it should be feasible to provide heat anywhere in the body if targeted nanotubes or other nanoparticles could be sent to cancerous cells. Without such a focus on, radio waves will pass through the body harmlessly.We’ve previously announced our partnership with PREVENT to build up the ALS vaccine technology. .

Chemo combo increases breasts cancer survival A fresh Spanish study has discovered that a combined mix of chemotherapy drugs can increase the five-year survival rate of ladies with metastatic, node-positive breasts cancers by 7 %. But the experts say that gain has a significant risk of serious side effects. The drug combination of docetaxel and doxorubicin, along with a third medication, cyclophosphamide, happens to be one of the standard treatments used for women with node-positive breast cancers.