Cardinal Wellness today announced that it has joined Practice Greenhealth.

Cardinal Wellness joins Practice Greenhealth To bolster its dedication to environmental sustainability further, Cardinal Wellness today announced that it has joined Practice Greenhealth, a membership organization for institutions and businesses in the health treatment field who are involved in lowering their environmental footprints. Practice Greenhealth provides practical assistance, training, discussion, and business answers to help its users in their efforts to put into action environmentally responsible methods. Cardinal Health is committed to helping boost efficiencies and cost-effectiveness in health care, stated Frank Macielak, vice president of Environment, Health insurance and Safety at Cardinal Health.The majority of Chart’s products are used through the entire liquid gas source chain for purification, liquefaction, distribution, storage and end-use applications, the largest portion of which are energy-related. Chart has domestic functions located across the United States and a global presence in Asia, Australia and Europe. Using this new technique, Whitehead Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have analyzed alpha-synuclein toxicity to identify genes and pathways that may have an effect on cell survival. Misfolded copies of the alpha-synuclein protein in mind cells are a hallmark of Parkinson’s disease. Until now, data on gene expression and protein creation have not been analyzed together regularly, leaving gaps in researchers’ understanding of how different genes and proteins interact to form a cell’s response to a stimulus.