Is it possible to improve brain health?

Even if you don’t get smarter, you’ll be enjoying your life.. Is it possible to improve brain health? Researchers weigh in As seniors age, dementia and Alzheimer’s could create significant financial and social burdens in the years to come. As a result, scientists are researching methods to mitigate or prevent these dreaded conditions even, and corporations are smelling a home based business. Recently, companies have developed several online cognitive training applications – – brain games – – to greatly help improve memory space and brain processing swiftness.Such marketing techniques have already been effective for marketing from candies to sugary breakfast cereals, however they could also be used to induce youngsters and adolescents to select healthier foods, according to research released in the journal, Archives of Adolescent and Pediatrics Medication. Wansink is lead writer of the study, ‘Can Branding Improve College Lunches?’ His co-authors are David R. Just, associate professor of Used Management and Economics at Cornell; and Collin R. Payne, professor of Advertising at New Mexico Condition University. ‘Branding has incredible potential to market healthier eating. We have a tendency to associate character types and mascots with processed foods, but they may be used to build excitement around well balanced meals also. This is a robust lesson for junk food companies, meals people and activists involved with school food service,’ Wansink said.