The Cedars-Sinai team will be making its fifth visit to Guam within the last three years.

Wednesday Koerner will address the Guam Medical Association, Nov. 11 to go over telemedicine. On Thursday *Cocktail reception at the Guam Hilton Hotel, Nov. 12 from six to eight 8 p.m., available to the healthcare community, anyone and individuals who as an interest in learning more on the subject of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In view of the recent switch in the availability of oncology services on the island, Cedars-Sinai is looking for ways to help doctors treating cancer individuals. One substitute for consider is benefiting from improvements in telemedicine, that could connect experts at Cedars-Sinai to any Guam physician from their own desktop.The experts measured patient-reported fatigue utilizing a level from zero to 10 . Once preliminary measurements were taken, exhaustion was reevaluated at three and half a year. While considering other factors that may affect a person’s exhaustion level , they compared the potency of each therapy in fighting exhaustion by identifying if the treatment was successful in considerably improving it . At half a year, researchers noted that exhaustion improved in every participants.