Referred to as cocooning.

Herschel R. Lessin, among the authors of the statement, admitted that the concept has never been scientifically tested recently, and nobody can say for certain that it actually works. ‘It’s a relatively new concept,’ Dr. Lessin is normally quoted as stating by Reuters Wellness. ‘I don’t know that anyone has viewed whether it works.’ In fact, the only studies that have in fact been conducted on cocooning experienced to make use of made-up estimates and calculations instead of actual tests.Each share of Series 13 Preferred Share is definitely convertible at the option of the holder, at any right time during its existence, into approximately 588 shares of common stock at a transformation cost of $1.70 per share of common stock, for a total of approximately 17,647,059 shares of common stock. In connection with the offering, the traders received warrants to purchase up to 8,820,000 shares of common share. The warrants have an exercise price of $2.15 per warrant share, for total potential additional proceeds to the business of approximately $19 million upon exercise of the warrants for cash. The warrants are exercisable beginning six months and one day following the date of issuance and expire five years and one day following the date of issuance.