Welcome to Parker First Baptist.

We are so pleased you are here.
Parker First Baptist 

We are excited with the opportunity to meet you and get to know you better. We believe you will enjoy what we have to offer here at Parker First Baptist Church. Our services present a blended worship style to reach out to the diverse range of people who worship with us. We also present challenging relevant messages to encourage you while living among today’s challenging society.

Whether you have attended church before or not is not important. What we offer is an energized atmosphere of friendly people gathered together to connect with the great hope and love of God. We don’t ask you to bring anything but yourselves. When we take up our offering you do not need to feel pressured to give, we consider your presence as an offering to us.

We have a nursery and children’s department where we provide a safe and fun environment to learn. During our morning Bible studies we offer nursery, pre-school, and children up through fifth grade. During our morning worship service we also offer nursery, pre-school, and children’s extended session for first through fifth grade in a children’s worship style environment.

Our dress is casual and comfortable. We don’t have a dress code; most people just wear what they feel comfortable in.

So we invite you to come and experience the greatest love ever known, God’s love, and allow us the privilege of getting to know you.

Craig Walker


Analysis from esteemed universities such as for example Tulane University.

They think that ‘Wishing to rehabilitate such a violent specific through psychotherapy or education, or even to improve his personality by sending him to jail or giving him like and understanding-all these procedures are irrelevant and can not work. It’s the malfunction itself that must definitely be dealt with, and only when this simple truth is recognized will there be any potential for changing his behavior.’ Abnormal chemical substances in the mind fuel violenceMany people who have behavior disorders have unusual degrees of copper, zinc, business lead, cadmium, calcium, magnesium and manganese within their blood. This nutritional imbalance could be diagnosed via tests of blood vessels and urine easily. Continue reading

This Phase 2 study met its principal endpoint.

UCB and Amgen Announce Positive Phase 2 Results of AMG 785/CDP7851 Amgen and UCB announced positive top-line results from their Phase 2 clinical research comparing sclerostin-antibody AMG 785/CDP7851 to placebo in postmenopausal women with low bone mineral density for the treating postmenopausal osteoporosis . This Phase 2 study met its principal endpoint, demonstrating significant increases in lumbar backbone bone mineral density at month 12 for the AMG 785/CDP7851 active arms versus the placebo arm. In addition, AMG 785/CDP7851 compared with both active comparators positively, teriparatide and alendronate priligy-sverige.com/recensioner.html . The overall incidence of adverse events was balanced between groups generally. Continue reading

Are Infant Walkers Safe and sound?

In fact, dropping down stairs is one of the most common accidents from walkers. Babies who fall can suffer broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. Even gates at the top of stairs or adult supervision neglect to prevent falls often. And walkers let babies reach greater than normal, thus they’re more likely to seize dangerous objects or touch stovetops, that may lead to burns and other injuries. Research shows that walkers usually do not provide any advantage to a child’s development. They do not educate infants to walk or help them walk sooner than they might without one. Continue reading

S objective to decrease the nation&39.

Fifty-six individuals were found to become depressed. The mean age group of sufferers was about 65; two were women; and 56 % were white nearly. All individuals had been veterans. The association between chronic kidney disease, despair and poorer health outcomes held after adjusting for age, race and various other current medical ailments. ‘Our outcomes support the necessity for well-designed medical trials to investigate if antidepressant treatment is definitely efficacious and secure in this vulnerable inhabitants. Sufferers with advanced kidney disease have already been excluded from bigger randomized trials of antidepressant medicine treatment previously,’ said Dr. Continue reading

According to an editorial and many articles in the March issue of Archives of Neurology.

Clinical and scientific advances made in the field of neuro-oncology Many important clinical and fundamental scientific advances have been made in days gone by five years in the field of neuro-oncology, according to an editorial and many articles in the March issue of Archives of Neurology, among the JAMA/Archives journals. Obviously, investigators in this field are innovative, and improvement has been made on several fronts in understanding the molecular and cellular adjustments causal of nervous program neoplasm and developing new therapies, writes Roger N. Rosenberg, M stimulation sexuelee .D., of the University of Texas Southwestern INFIRMARY, Dallas, and editor of the journal, in the editorial. Continue reading

Thats really what began our evaluation and why we eventually chosen CLC bio.

‘How are we going to support an increasing number of molecular biologists and clinicians who don’t possess their own bioinformatics resources? That’s really what began our evaluation and why we eventually chosen CLC bio, after viewing how easy it had been for users to accomplish analyses and look at their data through CLC bio’s user-friendly interface’, states Associate Director at the CCCB at the Dana-Farber Malignancy Institute, Mick Correll, and continues, ‘ CLC bio’s system also provides versatile deployment opportunities. Continue reading

Release a insulin in response to changing glucose circumstances proportionally.

Six fasted diabetic pigs received a subcutaneous injection of 0. Their blood sugar was monitored every a quarter-hour. Six hours after getting their initial injection, these were fed 500 grams of meals as a glucose problem. Furthermore, post-food hyperglycemia was reduced quicker in the BIOD620 group than in the control group. Current basal insulins cannot react to circumstances that affect sugar levels, such as for example stress and exercise, and so are administered at inappropriately high dosages often. Kashyap mentioned. Related StoriesGenovate begins structure of Insulin Ecological Industrial Recreation area in Changzhou National Hi-tech DistrictOral formulation of insulin displays promise in general management of blood sugar in diabetic ratsInsulin dosage not independent risk aspect for cardiovascular deathDr. Continue reading

Underweight is certainly a universal problem reported in health care centers.

Like the mix of banana and milk, you can also utilize a mix of banana and curd to ease underweight troubles. You can define this mixture as a composition of vitamins and minerals. If possible, make an effort to include selection of fruits in quality recipes. It could promote energy creation in body and naturally safely. Milk added with raisins is certainly a secure cure for underweight complications. For effective result, it really is advised to consumption milk added with raisins 2-3 times per day. Continue reading

The authors set out to interpret this content and implications of client&39.

Evaluation reveals fascinating insights into customer and therapist psychotherapy and personalities process During this research in Psychotherapy Research, the authors set out to interpret this content and implications of client's dreams about their therapists and vice versa. Each client had 20 plus classes, each with one of 13 doctoral students, over a 2 yr period. Clients, experiencing interpersonal problems typically, were videotaped during their 45-60 minute consultations and asked to record on dreams about their terapists at the end of the treatment tadacip-dosage.html . Continue reading

The non-invasive technology gives a window in to the physiology of individual emotion and cognition.

.. Blood-circulation fMRI to be utilized to review brain-wide impact of neural circuitry changes Just like a motorist who knows that the check engine light indicates something important but ill-defined is going on, neuroscientists have relied heavily on an incompletely understood technology called functional magnetic resonance imaging showing them what the mind does when people react to different stimuli. The non-invasive technology gives a window in to the physiology of individual emotion and cognition, but – with out a satisfying description of how some typically common fMRI indicators are produced – the power of experts to draw conclusions offers been limited. Continue reading

ArQule reports net lack of $1.

‘This trial, led by Daiichi Sankyo, will enroll 1 approximately,000 patients at medical sites in the U.S., Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia and Latin America. ‘Data presentations through the first quarter were highlighted by results from the Phase 1 lead-in part of our ongoing Stage 2, randomized trial in CRC with tivantinib in combination with cetuximab and irinotecan at the 2011 ASCO Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium,’ said Mr. Pucci. ‘These data showed that combination was well tolerated, with encouraging anti-tumor activity in sufferers with relapsed, metastatic CRC that included one full response, two partial responses and five stable illnesses among nine sufferers treated. Continue reading

China Medical Systems third quarter revenues increase 30.

China Medical Systems third quarter revenues increase 30.0 percent to RMB223.9 million China Medical Technology, Inc avis malegra fxt . , a respected China-based advanced in-vitro diagnostic company, announced its unaudited financial outcomes for the 3rd fiscal quarter ended December 31, 2010 today. Outlook for 4Q FY2010 Focus on revenues are anticipated to be around RMB234.0 million , representing a year-over-year increase of 33.2 percent.Focus on non-GAAP net income is expected to be RMB71 approximately.0 million , representing a year-over-year enhance of 37.9 percent. Continue reading

June says by 3rd.

Based on the group the WHO’s pandemic alert phases caused misunderstandings because they didn’t take into account severity of infection, just its pass on – the WHO has place the H1N1 outbreak at level 5 on its 6 point level despite most situations being relatively moderate and Trust for America’s Health says worldwide cooperation had became more challenging than previously thought. In potential outbreaks the group says stockpiles of antiviral medicines and other supplies should be improved and vaccine advancement capabilities improved, alongside plans for the quick vaccination of most American citizens. Continue reading

This new strategy was announced at its R&D press meeting in Berlin.

Cooperation with Companions along the complete R&D worth chain Open technology has turned into a fundamental component of medication discovery. The R&D organisation of Boehringer Ingelheim is usually dealing with the wider scientific globe to embed a variety of innovative possibilities in its R&D endeavours. Firstly, bilateral collaboration agreements with educational investigators and biotechnology businesses provide important starting factors for drug discovery tasks. Boehringer Ingelheim offers entered into many new study collaborations in exciting regions of science with companions that are world-wide leaders in their areas. Continue reading

Barb Clapp Advertising & Advertising.

BCAM offers VA Maryland HEALTHCARE System to expanding customer list Award-winning Lutherville company, Barb Clapp Advertising & Advertising , is very happy to announce the addition of the Section of Veterans Affairs Maryland HEALTHCARE System to its expanding customer list. BCAM provides the VA’s Maryland HEALTHCARE Program with the scripting and creation of some public provider announcements to teach Maryland’s veterans about healthcare services open to them through the VA. Continue reading

Investigational RNAi therapeutics targeting transthyretin for the treating TTR-mediated amyloidosis.

Alnylam presents positive ongoing phase 2 open-label extension data for Patisiran and Revusiran Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Provides announced new outcomes from its ongoing Phase 2 open-label expansion studies with patisiran and revusiran, investigational RNAi therapeutics targeting transthyretin for the treating TTR-mediated amyloidosis before-steroid-use.html . These new scientific data were shown at the very first European Congress on Hereditary ATTR amyloidosis kept November 2 – 3, 2015 in Paris. Data from the patisiran Phase 2 OLE study provided continued proof following 18 months of dosing that patisiran has the potential to halt neuropathy progression in patients with Familial Amyloidotic Polyneuropathy . Continue reading