Welcome to Parker First Baptist.

We are so pleased you are here.
Parker First Baptist 

We are excited with the opportunity to meet you and get to know you better. We believe you will enjoy what we have to offer here at Parker First Baptist Church. Our services present a blended worship style to reach out to the diverse range of people who worship with us. We also present challenging relevant messages to encourage you while living among today’s challenging society.

Whether you have attended church before or not is not important. What we offer is an energized atmosphere of friendly people gathered together to connect with the great hope and love of God. We don’t ask you to bring anything but yourselves. When we take up our offering you do not need to feel pressured to give, we consider your presence as an offering to us.

We have a nursery and children’s department where we provide a safe and fun environment to learn. During our morning Bible studies we offer nursery, pre-school, and children up through fifth grade. During our morning worship service we also offer nursery, pre-school, and children’s extended session for first through fifth grade in a children’s worship style environment.

Our dress is casual and comfortable. We don’t have a dress code; most people just wear what they feel comfortable in.

So we invite you to come and experience the greatest love ever known, God’s love, and allow us the privilege of getting to know you.

Craig Walker


Cancer vaccine shows promise By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Cancer vaccine shows promise By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD In the latest research information, a cervical tumor vaccine programme has produced the 1st evidence of disease avoidance among treated ladies. This vaccine targets individual papillomavirus , the virus thought to trigger cervical tumor in women. Now the scientists in Australia have found that introducing the vaccine resulted in a reduced incidence of high-grade unusual cells that are precursors to tumor. Among girls beneath the age of 18, incidences of high-quality cervical abnormalities fell by a statistically significant 0.80 percent to 0.42 percent they explained. Continue reading

CellTrust launches dedicated Secure Cell Healthcare Division CellTrust Company.

CellTrust launches dedicated Secure Cell Healthcare Division CellTrust Company, the world largest service provider of SecureSMS for cell phones ( announced today the release of its Secure Cell Healthcare Division with a dedicated group of healthcare IT professionals and mobile security specialists.C.S www.sildenafilschweiz.com/viagra-vs-cialis.html . SecureSMS was accredited as a finalist for the 3rd Annual CTIA Emerging Technology Award, and was called the champion of three Mobile Star Awards, and the prestigious Mobile Advertising Association 2008 Global Romantic relationship Building Award. Continue reading


PRESS RELEASE PRINCETON, N.J levitra ou cialis homme .—-Today, associates of theBristol-Myers Squibboncology team set off on the initial leg of theCoast 2 Coast 4 Cancer Ride, a 19-day bike relay that may involve over 80 employees riding a combined total of nearly 2,900 miles, from today’s start the Oregon Coast to the Jersey Shore, showing their support for the tumor community even though raising funds for tumor research. Bristol-Myers Squibb will match donations raised by the riders, dollar-for-dollar up to $500,000, to aid Stand Up To Cancers, whose collaborative Dream Teams of scientific researchers will work together to accelerate tumor research and to offer innovative treatment to individuals faster. Continue reading

According to a final CMS guideline issued Friday.

The company also formalized language in the Affordable Treatment Take action requiring these so-called Unique Needs Plans, which handle the costly population included in both Medicare and Medicaid, to implement quality improvement programs and be authorized in 2012 by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. The rule cleared the Office of Management and Spending budget yesterday and furthers an HHS initiative to boost coordination between Medicare and Medicaid for dual eligibles, who routinely have either chronic circumstances such as for example diabetes or reside in nursing homes and account for a disproportionate talk about of federal health spending . Continue reading

At the annual conference for the American Culture of Clinical Oncology.

Pathologic total response was described in the scholarly research as no staying invasive malignancy left in the breasts, and clinical total response was thought as a full disappearance of cancer without proof disease progression. Individuals with hormone receptor positive breasts cancers appeared to advantage most from the procedure. ‘While encouraging, the outcomes of this study will most likely not affect regular neoadjuvant or adjuvant chemotherapy methods in the near term,’ says Bear. ‘There are various types of breast tumor, and we are in need of even more definitive biological predictors of response to be able to even more accurately recognize the individuals who will advantage most from Avastin.’ Though hormone receptor positive individuals benefited most from the addition of Avastin in the NSABP Process B-40 trial, another study presented through the same program at the ASCO conference appeared to contradict the results. Continue reading

Chemical preservative in cosmetics can interrupt neurological development Scientists.

Related StoriesNew tool can help diagnose and deal with Parkinson's disease in early stagesResearchers identify potential brain-based biomarker for depressive symptomsCharles Bonnet syndrome: an interview with Dr. Dominic ffytcheIn another experiment, Aizenman and Spawn, who was an undergraduate at the right time and has since graduated, uncovered the tadpoles to another chemical recognized to induce seizures. The tadpoles who weren’t subjected to MIT and those subjected to the lower concentration each got the same ability to hold off seizures, however the ones who was simply exposed to the 7.6 ppm concentration succumbed to the seizures significantly more readily. Continue reading

C-Reactive protein plays a primary role in the onset of hypertension C-Reactive Protein.

Also, the researchers discovered that the initiating mechanism is too little the key signaling molecule nitric oxide in the artery wall, which has multiple beneficial functions in the heart, in addition to made a link between nitric oxide and the proteins in charge of angiotensin II activity. ‘Whether these same processes are operative in humans is however to be determined,’ stated Dr. Vongpatanasin. ‘We are also pursuing follow-up research to further understand better how CRP causes the high blood pressure in the mice.’ The best goal of the research is to discover how CRP interacts with molecules in the artery wall structure, leading to a better understanding of hypertension and pointing to fresh ways to treat it, Dr. Vongpatanasin stated. ‘We have uncovered a number of mechanisms that hyperlink a circulating element that rises with persistent inflammation, obesity and aging to the regulation of blood pressure,’ stated Dr. Continue reading

Where between 2001 and 2011 a lot more than 80 % of preventable U possibly.

Breakthrough research shows that feminine sex hormone may save lives in the battlefield Breakthrough research suggests a lady sex hormone may be the main element to saving lives in the battlefield, where between 2001 and 2011 a lot more than 80 % of preventable U possibly.S letadalafil.net . War damage deaths resulted from loss of blood. The hormone displays the guarantee of prolonged survival despite substantial loss of blood and may end up being carried in a little autoinjector for make use of. In a landmark stage – after 19 years of study by Irshad Chaudry, Ph.D. – the University of Alabama at Birmingham offers received a $10 million U.S. Continue reading

Heavy alcohol consumption exacerbates their PTSD symptoms over time.

Wardell, doctoral candidate in clinical psychology, and Craig R. Colder, PhD, professor of scientific psychology. Go through's research targets the etiology of and interventions for problematic alcoholic beverages and other substance use in young adults. Her prior study has examined both individual and environmental determinants of alcohol use, specifically, how individual-level elements such as for example gender, affective state and alcoholic beverages cognitions may take into account different responses to the cultural environment. In a 2011 study of 3,000 university students, published in the journal Psychological Trauma, she discovered that about 9 % fulfilled the criteria for PTSD, with the disorder found to become most common among those exposed to sexual and physical assault, most of whom were women. Continue reading

Best remedies for allergic circumstances?

Since shellfish contain iodine, many doctors have linked a comparison a reaction to a shellfish allergy. Nevertheless, shellfish allergy offers nothing in connection with the response, and iodine can not be an allergen since it is discovered in our body. Nearly all pediatricians thought that pores and skin prick tests for meals or inhaled allergens isn’t accurate or dependable until three years of age. While skin prick screening is seldom conducted on infants young than six months old, there is absolutely no age limit otherwise. In the event that you suspect you or your son or daughter has an allergy, it is critical to visit a board-certified allergist, stated allergist and ACAAI fellow and member David Stukus, MD, senior study writer. Allergists are 1st board-certified in pediatrics and/or inner medicine, and have yet another two years of trained in the specialty of allergy/immunology. Continue reading

Its easy to let a haze of laziness fall over your body when everything is becoming so easy.

If you have decreased blood circulation, the friction of the moving blood on the artery wall, called shear stress, is also reduced, Padilla said. Moderate levels of shear tension are good for arterial health, whereas low levels of shear stress look like detrimental and decrease the capability of the artery to dilate. Dilation is a sign of vascular wellness. The more the artery can dilate and react to stimuli, the healthier it really is. Padilla summarized the findings, Studies have shown that sitting much less can lead to better metabolic and cardiovascular health. However, more research is required to determine if repeated periods of decreased vascular function with prolonged sitting lead to long-term vascular complications. Sometimes, the cure is really as simple as waking up and going for a walk and remembering how blessed we are really, having the ability to move and interact. Continue reading

The news service writes.

Copyright 2009 Advisory Board Business and Kaiser Family Base. All rights reserved.. The news service writes, Experts at the 2nd annual European antibiotics awareness day kept by the Stockholm-based European Center for Diseases Avoidance and Control stated new, hyper-resistant bacteria had been emerging, threatening the pillars of global wellness. Based on the AFP, ECDC stressed the problem is particularly worrisome in southern and eastern European countries where antibiotics intake is higher than elsewhere and noted the situation could be a whole lot worse in poor countries, where antibiotics circulate more freely and so are often available with out a prescription . Continue reading

Report researchers from Sheffield in the united kingdom.

Chewing gum might relieve the discomfort of braces By Sarah Guy Small adolescents and teens with fixed orthodontic home appliances who chew gum statement considerably less pain and influence of their braces than their peers who usually do not chew gum, report researchers from Sheffield in the united kingdom. Specifically, 11-18 year-olds who were randomly assigned to chew gum reported considerably lower total impact scores – indicating the impact of the braces on their diet, function, and public situations – and visual analog ratings – indicating teeth discomfort – at 24 hours after bonding/separator and archwire appointments than those designated to not chew gum . Furthermore, gum chewing acquired no significant effect on appliance breakages, says the extensive research group in Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research penegra100mg.com/sildenafil-citrate-tablets.html . Continue reading

China executes top FDA official while the U.

Actually, the official FDA policy at this time is certainly that FDA decision panel experts – – the people who decide which medicines to approve or reject – – can presently accept up to $50,000 in bribes from drug companies and serve on such decision panels still. This plan, by the way, is brand new. Until recently, there was no limit on the amount of money these FDA decision manufacturers could accept from drug companies. In fact, there is no requirement these decision makers also reveal their conflicts of interest whatsoever! They could take thousands of dollars from the drug companies impacted by their votes, and yet sit on the decision panel and cast votes. Continue reading

Her study is released in Springers journal Sex Roles.

Over 58 percent of violent feminine characters were portrayed in a submissive role to the man hero in the film, and 42 percent had been romantically involved with him. The average violent female character was young, white, highly educated and unmarried. These women involved in masculine types of violence , yet retained feminine stereotypes because of their submissive part and romantic involvement with the dominant male hero personality. Katy Gilpatric concludes: The debate continues as to whether the few action heroines that we are familiar with, such as for example Sarah Connor and Lara Croft, have broken down gender barriers in action films. This study provides evidence that the majority of female action characters demonstrated in American cinema are not images of empowerment; they do not draw upon their femininity as a source of power, and they are not a sort of ‘post-gender female’ operating outside the boundaries of traditional gender limitations. Continue reading

Bleeding disorders heading undiagnosed.

.. Bleeding disorders heading undiagnosed; new guidelines to greatly help Nearly one % of the populace is suffering from bleeding disorders, yet many women have no idea they have one because doctors aren’t looking for the problem, according to researchers at Duke University INFIRMARY. That’s going to change, right now that a global expert consortium particularly outlined the definitive signals that may transmission the current presence of a bleeding disorder in ladies. The consortium’s suggestions are released online and will come in the July problem of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Continue reading