Welcome to Parker First Baptist.

We are so pleased you are here.
Parker First Baptist 

We are excited with the opportunity to meet you and get to know you better. We believe you will enjoy what we have to offer here at Parker First Baptist Church. Our services present a blended worship style to reach out to the diverse range of people who worship with us. We also present challenging relevant messages to encourage you while living among today’s challenging society.

Whether you have attended church before or not is not important. What we offer is an energized atmosphere of friendly people gathered together to connect with the great hope and love of God. We don’t ask you to bring anything but yourselves. When we take up our offering you do not need to feel pressured to give, we consider your presence as an offering to us.

We have a nursery and children’s department where we provide a safe and fun environment to learn. During our morning Bible studies we offer nursery, pre-school, and children up through fifth grade. During our morning worship service we also offer nursery, pre-school, and children’s extended session for first through fifth grade in a children’s worship style environment.

Our dress is casual and comfortable. We don’t have a dress code; most people just wear what they feel comfortable in.

So we invite you to come and experience the greatest love ever known, God’s love, and allow us the privilege of getting to know you.

Craig Walker


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Our commitment to the advancement of Nexavar is certainly demonstrated by the selection of data being shown as of this year’s ESMO Congress and also the ongoing scientific trial system evaluating Nexavar in a number of treatment settings and individual types. Related StoriesReducing medical center readmissions through Transitional Treatment: an interview with Rani KhetarpalOJ Bio at Medica 2015 – Point of Treatment diagnostics' part in reducing antibiotics prescribingSurgical startup seeks financing to build virtual truth training libraryNexavar’s Differentiated System Nexavar, an oral anti-cancer therapy, happens to be approved in a lot more than 95 countries for liver cancers where it continues to be the just approved systemic agent which can prolong survival and in a lot more than 95 countries for the treating sufferers with advanced kidney tumor.. Continue reading

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Although they aren’t aggressive tumors inherently, because of the location they are able to compromise eyesight and other neurologic and endocrine functions significantly. The tumors cling to human brain structures, making surgery challenging usually, and radiation therapy could cause vascular abnormalities or additional tumors. There are two subtypes of craniopharyngiomas – adamantinomatous tumors, which are more prevalent in kids, and papillary tumors, seen in adults usually. Recent research have associated mutations within an oncogene known as CTNNB1 with adamantinomatous tumors, but ahead of this study, no given details was available about the molecular motorists of the papillary subtype. In their seek out possible mutations connected with papillary tumors, the study team first performed entire exome sequencing of 15 craniopharyngiomas – 12 adamantinomatous and 3 papillary. Continue reading

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It was able to accurately predict the current presence of cancer in only under three out of four of those with lung tumor, including very early tumours. This is significant because lung tumor is frequently silent in its early stages and challenging to diagnose which is the stage when maybe it’s treated effectively. Business lead researcher Dr. Peter Mazzone and his group say the study could lead to an inexpensive, non-invasive screening or diagnostic check for lung cancer. Continue reading

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Even though results of the preliminary research are encouraging, Dr. Kuwana notes, additional multicenter, placebo-controlled trails regarding a lot of SSc patients are essential to verify the clinical good thing about statins in SSc individuals. .. Atorvastatin might boost new blood vessel development Systemic sclerosis , known as scleroderma also, can be an confounding and uncommon disease seen as a excessive fibrous cells formation and vascular abnormalities. Affecting the tiny arties Primarily, SSc decreases blood circulation to your body’s extremities. This may result in Raynaud’s phenomenon, a condition that triggers the hands and ft to feel extremely chilly and numb; ulcers on the toes and fingers; and gangrene. Continue reading

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The report represents probably the most comprehensive research ever executed of Indiana’s outsized talk about of the remarkable industry, and it suggests a variety of supported actions that the sector broadly, the city and the constant state can pursue to make sure this sector continues to thrive on Hoosier soil. Initiated through a preparing grant funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc., the BioCrossroads report reveals spectacular figures that highlight the development of a complicated business sector and the city assisting it: Kosciusko County is continuing to grow its Health & Biomedical work foundation by 39 % since 2001 weighed against 15 % for both Indiana and the U.S. In 2007, the concentration of careers in Kosciusko County in the medical gadgets and apparatus category had a spot quotient of 51.86, which ‘s almost 50 occasions that for the national normal, [resulting in] a spot quotient that’s literally off the charts. Continue reading

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Citracal Calcium plus Center Health helps support heart and bone health in women Bone strength and center health are two of the most important health issues for women. One from every two women could have an osteoporosis-related fracture in her lifetime and more than 50 million women have blood cholesterol levels high enough to pose a risk for cardiovascular disease. Now there is a new product open to help address both these issues simultaneously viagra-og-cialis.html . Related StoriesLiposomal sizing and the Coulter basic principle: an interview with Professor Melvin E. KlegermanElderly ladies should take more vitamin D supplementation during the wintertime, suggests researchersDifferences in vitamin D status may take into account disparities in breast cancers survival rates’Calcium and supplement D are critical for bone health, yet most women aren’t generally getting enough of these important nutrients,’ said Julie Upton, MS, RD. Continue reading

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The group found decreased expression of the gene in 35 of 87 situations of advanced epithelial ovarian malignancy. They also found decreased expression in breasts and prostate cancer cells compared with noncancerous cells. Genetic evaluation of breast tumor specimens uncovered a truncated, dysfunctional edition of the BRIT1 proteins in a single sample. Lack of the DNA harm checkpoint function and the capability to proliferate indefinitely are two cellular adjustments necessary for the advancement of cancer. Lin and colleagues have finally tied the gene to both factors. They previously determined BRIT1 as a repressor of hTERT, a protein that whenever reactivated immortalizes cells, permitting them to multiply indefinitely.. BRIT1 gene takes on a pivotal function in DNA damage recognition and repair A single gene has a pivotal function launching two DNA harm detection and fix pathways in the individual genome, suggesting that it features as a previously unidentified tumor suppressor gene, experts at The University of Texas M. Continue reading

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Ben Hogan Sports Medication, StreamVenue partner to provide post-surgical management tool StreamVenue Healthcare offers partnered it is plug and play services and products with Texas Wellness Ben Hogan Sports Medication to teach, also to better manage post-surgical individual recovery. StreamVenue’s program, StreamingOR, enables athletic trainers, surgeons and physical therapists to see situations and discuss how better to manage post-operative recovery viagra for men . Orthopedic doctor Robert Scheinberg, M.D. StreamVenue Health care rolled out its Option Package offering as a forward thinking part of endoscopy technology. Continue reading

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The logo for Clinica of Virginia LLC can be found at: Clinica of Virginia, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Exmovere Holdings, Inc. ( Clinica owns and operates a medical clinic in Fairfax, Virginia that specializes in internal medication and geriatrics. Related StoriesCost of radiation therapy varies widely among Medicare patients with cancerUse of observation stays may lead to economic burden for a few Medicare patientsMembers signed up for Medicare Advantage satisfied with their plans, research findsDiabetes is a chronic, often lifelong disease, marked by high levels of glucose in the blood. Continue reading

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms and Signs Listed below are symptoms connected with carpal tunnel syndrome. You may still have carpal tunnel syndrome for those who have just a few symptoms. Numbness, pain , and tingling in your thumb, index, and middle fingers Tingling, numbness, or pain, which may progress your arm to your elbow Hand weakness Dropping objects Difficulty feeling and handling little objects Symptoms are often worse at night and are occasionally temporarily relieved by shaking out the hands clinical worsening . Continue reading

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Related StoriesNitrous oxide shows promise in sufferers at risk for cardiovascular diseaseDeaths from avoidable risk elements: an interview with Dr Ali Mokdad, IHMELow levels of stem cell aspect connected with improved risk of coronary disease Similar twins without heart failure and stroke also experienced, after their co-twins had been exposed to these respective illnesses, an increased price of hip fracture, the authors create. These sibling twins who were regarded as pseudoexposed for heart failing had a 3.7-fold improved risk for hip fracture; pseudoexposure for stroke got a 2.3 times higher risk of hip fracture. Continue reading