Welcome to Parker First Baptist.

We are so pleased you are here.
Parker First Baptist 

We are excited with the opportunity to meet you and get to know you better. We believe you will enjoy what we have to offer here at Parker First Baptist Church. Our services present a blended worship style to reach out to the diverse range of people who worship with us. We also present challenging relevant messages to encourage you while living among today’s challenging society.

Whether you have attended church before or not is not important. What we offer is an energized atmosphere of friendly people gathered together to connect with the great hope and love of God. We don’t ask you to bring anything but yourselves. When we take up our offering you do not need to feel pressured to give, we consider your presence as an offering to us.

We have a nursery and children’s department where we provide a safe and fun environment to learn. During our morning Bible studies we offer nursery, pre-school, and children up through fifth grade. During our morning worship service we also offer nursery, pre-school, and children’s extended session for first through fifth grade in a children’s worship style environment.

Our dress is casual and comfortable. We don’t have a dress code; most people just wear what they feel comfortable in.

So we invite you to come and experience the greatest love ever known, God’s love, and allow us the privilege of getting to know you.

Craig Walker


In the August 6 according to findings published.

‘We realize from prior studies that healing is much more likely among sufferers who report rigid adherence to the gluten-free diet, compared with those who admit to less-than-strict dietary practices,’ said Dr. Lebwohl. Since persistent villous damage was seen in the face of rigid dietary adherence even, there are likely other, as-yet-unidentified, factors that affect healing. ‘Our results linking the follow-up biopsy result to lymphoma risk will lead us to redouble our initiatives to better understand intestinal healing and how to achieve it,’ said Dr. Continue reading

Carrot-Ginger Soup Prep time: 50 minutes Ingredients: 1 tbsp.

Transfer the contents of the pot to a blender Carefully. Thoroughly blend the mix. Return soup to the pot to warm, serve then. Serves: 6 Meal: 1¼ glass of soup This recipe has important nutrients for mom and baby, including: Vitamin A Vitamin A helps create a baby’s heart, eyes, and immune system. Good sources of vitamin A consist of milk, orange fruit and veggies , and dark leafy greens. Prenatal vitamins shouldn’t contain much more than 1,500 micrograms of vitamin A and women that are pregnant shouldn’t take vitamin A products. Continue reading

In this increasingly-scrutinized market.

Canadian conference on managing legal & business risks in clinical trials The type of clinical trials is constantly changing in the ever-more globalized and adapting marketplace. In this increasingly-scrutinized market, it is important to keep up a transparent process, to control risks also to avoid abuses appropriately, in order to get a bit of this multi-billion dollar sector. How? By effectively managing the legal and business risks! The Canadian Institute’s Managing Legal & Business Risks in Clinical Trials in Canada conference offers you the novel planning strategies, suggestions and skills you require to remain in the clinical trials forefront how to fix ed . Distinguished Faculty Includes: AstraZeneca Canada Inc. Ethica Clinical Research Inc. Wellness Canada IRB Solutions LMC Endocrinology Centres Pfizer Canada Inc. Continue reading

Altitude Sickness Prevention Altitude sickness is preventable.

In emergencies in sub-Saharan Africa, southern Africa particularly, HIV/Helps is also a significant reason behind morbidity and mortality. In the long run, researchers discovered no difference between your two. The studies compared outcomes to three months following surgery up. In these trials, individuals underwent colon resections, in which the diseased portion of the colon was excised, very much like slicing a section out of a rubber hose, and both disease-free ends stapled jointly. The trials included 3,526 patients, most of whom had cancer of the colon. Laparoscopy may be used for diverticulitis also, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Cimzia approved in U.

Cimzia is the only PEGylated anti-TNF . Cimzia includes a high affinity for human being TNF-alpha, neutralizing the pathophysiological effects of TNF-alpha selectively. In the last decade, TNF-alpha provides emerged as a significant target of preliminary research and medical investigation. This cytokine has a key role in mediating pathological inflammation, and unwanted TNF-alpha production offers been implicated in a wide selection of diseases directly. The U.S. Food and Medication Administration has authorized Cimzia for reducing signs and symptoms of Crohn’s disease and preserving scientific response in adult sufferers with moderate to serious active disease who’ve experienced an inadequate response to standard therapy and for the treatment of adults with moderate to severely energetic rheumatoid arthritis. Continue reading

Childhood obesity rates saturated in Ireland and could begin to fall even now.

Our study suggests that prevalence prices of childhood obesity in Ireland possess levelled off, but one in four Irish children remain overweight or obese. Obesity continues to truly have a significant effect on wellbeing and health, policies that tackle the problem ought to be intensified therefore, said lead writer of the scholarly study, Eimear Keane from University University Cork. The authors conclude that there is now a obvious need for standardised methods for the carry out of studies that measure obese and obesity in childhood in order to track upcoming prevalence rates more effectively.. Continue reading

While Fukushima continues to leak radiation.

While Fukushima continues to leak radiation, protect yourself with Bentonite Clay The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011 and still left the Fukushima power plant damaged and leaking radiation in to the environment appears to have faded in to the past, but the dangers to the surroundings and human being health are definately not over, with the latest leak of highly radioactive water being described by the plant operators, TEPCO , as a serious radiation incident www.priligyreview.net/super-p-force.html . TEPCO finally admitted in July that radioactive drinking water provides been leaking from the plant and is now taking steps to try to prevent any potential leaks from finding yourself in the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading

The public input isnt meant to debate if the controversial techniques ought to be permitted.

Rather, it concerns how they should be used to avoid relatively rare diseases caused by DNA defects in parts of the cell known as mitochondria. Mistakes in the mitochondria’s genetic code can result in diseases such as muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, heart problems and mental retardation. Mitochondria are structures outside the cell’s nucleus that produce 90 % of the energy the cell must continue growing and stay alive, according to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. Continue reading

AspenBio Pharma provides clinical and business upgrade for third quarter 2012 AspenBio Pharma.

An individual research found the five-bevel pen needles to end up being less painful, better to insert and convenient, in comparison to current three-bevel pen needles. Studies claim that as much as one-5th to one-third of individuals with diabetes are hesitant or unwilling to provide themselves insulin shots for reasons offering needle anxiety. Also, sufferers who reported injection-related discomfort or embarrassment intentionally skipped insulin injections more regularly. Continue reading

Diseases like diabetes anti snoring.

Excess sugar in your body could be neutralized with this, helping to prevent fats deposition. Regular intake of InstaSlim capsules can decrease weight, maintain lipid amounts, inhibits craving for fatty foods. The 100 percent natural ingredients are extremely powerful that produces quicker results if taken alongside low-calorie diet. The organic capsules should be taken regularly 2-3 3 times alongside normal diet with drinking water for an extended period of four to six six months to get long lasting relief from excess bodyweight. Excess body weight could be cancerous so it’s mandatory to eliminate bodyweight. It directly targets your body’s metabolism to modify it. InstaSlim capsules offers immense health advantages that assist in burning excess surplus fat. Continue reading

Cognitive rest may benefit patients diagnosed with concussion Limiting texting.

Cognitive rest may benefit patients diagnosed with concussion Limiting texting, homework, on-line activity can help hasten recovery meant for teen athletes A report of 335 teen sports athletes diagnosed with concussion shows that patients who adhere to cognitive rest limits may recover faster than those who take part in increased cognitive activity, such as texting, reading and playing video games. The prospective cohort research, conducted at Boston Children's Medical center and published Jan http://cialiscanadian.org/reviews . Continue reading

GERD is normally a condition where the contents of the tummy back up in to the esophagus.

The approvals are backed by extrapolation of outcomes from sufficient and well-controlled research that supported the authorization of NEXIUM for adults, and security and pharmacokinetic studies. The effectiveness and safety of NEXIUM for various other pediatric uses apart from GERD haven’t been established. In adults, probably the most frequently reported effects with NEXIUM include headaches, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort. In individuals 1 to 17 years, the most often reported effects with NEXIUM include headaches, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, nausea, and sleepiness. Symptomatic response to therapy will not preclude the current presence of gastric malignancy. NEXIUM ought to be used limited to the circumstances, dosages, and durations specified in the Prescribing Details. Continue reading

But a smaller known side-effect of sleep deprivation can be short-term euphoria.

But a smaller known side-effect of sleep deprivation can be short-term euphoria, that may result in poor judgment and addictive behavior potentially, according to new analysis from the University of California, Berkeley. The results, today released, March 22, in the Journal of Neuroscience, underscore the necessity for folks in high-stakes professions and conditions never to shortchange themselves on rest, Walker said. ‘We have to ensure that people producing high-stakes decisions, from doctors to airline pilots to fresh parents, get enough rest,’ Walker said. Continue reading

Bacterin launches a fresh allograft for orthopedic procedures Bacterin International Holdings.

Bacterin launches a fresh allograft for orthopedic procedures Bacterin International Holdings, Inc. is normally very happy to announce the start of OsteoSTX, a fresh novel allograft for orthopedic methods. Making use of Bacterin's proprietary demineralization technology, OsteoSTX are flexible cortical DBM matchsticks created for multli-level and deformity spinal applications http://www.silagratablets.net/contact . Related StoriesHispanic, Medicaid individuals less inclined to receive regional anesthesia during hip and knee substitute surgeryResearchers examine how little wireless sensors built-into orthopedic implants might help identify SSIMiMedx Group reviews record revenues and revenue for Q2 2015 This is actually the first item Bacterin has released since I became a member of the business, and I have already been very pleased with the procedure and the results, stated Dan Goldberger, Bacterin CEO and President. Continue reading

The Technology Update blog page is live after a six month trial work at the charity now.

As senior science details officer at Cancer Analysis UK, she excels in ‘translating’ science into simple English, and can blog about analysis and science stories. All three are thrilled to be adding to the debate about the complete stories behind the news, along with highlighting the tales that slide through the press net. They will give a clear voice to help with making sense of health insurance and information stories. Dr Ben Goldacre, who writes a normal technology column in the Guardian, said: In a period when so very much misleading information regarding cancer has been spread by industrial cranks and journalists searching for a melodramatic headline, it’s great to find people who really know very well what they’re discussing, engaging straight, unmediated, with the general public. Continue reading

Chemical Eye Burn Causes Most chemical eye accidental injuries occur at work.

It could cause significant discomfort but usually does not affect eyesight and seldom causes any damage to the eye.. Chemical Eye Burn Causes Most chemical eye accidental injuries occur at work. Industries use a number of chemicals daily. However, chemical injuries also frequently occur in the home from cleaning items or other regular home products; these injuries could be just as dangerous and must be treated seriously and immediately. Chemical burns to the attention can be divided into three categories: alkali burns, acid burns, and irritants. Continue reading